Club Training

Pre Season Sessions : 6:30pm Tuesday & Thursday @ Rofe Park (Now finished for 2023)

Regular Season training Sessions : 6:15pm for a 6:30pm start Tuesday & Thursday @ Mark Taylor (Waitara) Oval (Now in session for 2023)

Note training is on irrespective of weather.

All are welcome so whether you’re an experienced rugby player or new to the game come down to training and meet the Hornsby Lions.

The Training Program for the Hornsby Lions is now available for download. For further details on any of the information within please see any of the coaches.

Training Protocols

  1. Arrive 15 minutes prior to the session start and be ready to commence training at the scheduled time. That means boots on (or appropriate gear) and ready to go !!
  2. If you are unable to attend a session or upcoming match then please ensure you contact your coach as early as possible.
  3. Training is ALWAYS on, irrespective of weather.
  4. You are expected to bring the correct training attire for ALL sessions which should include :
    • Boots AND Runners (in case of alternate session).
    • Your own water bottle
    • Mouthguard
    • Headgear (if you wear it)
  5. If you are injured, make sure your coach is aware and if you attend training then ensure you do not disrupt the planned session.
  6. If injured, please ensure you have sought advice or treatment from a physio – see the Medical/Physio page for the Club Physio’s contact details. DO NOT simply rule yourself out.
  7. If you have a minor injury – training may still be an option. A suitable fitness session or modified session will be put in place by trainers / coaches.
  8. Please assist trainers / coaches if required in setting up or packing up gear at the commencement and conclusion of training
  9. If training offsite (gym, pool etc), please ensure you bring the appropriate clothing as well as your water bottle and towel. Again, ensure you leave the place as you found it and be respectful to those that are providing their time or venue. Rememer you are representing the club as a whole.