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August 6th Hornsby Advocate Online ‘Magpies miss minor premiership, Tigers progress’
August 3rd Hornsby Advocate Online ‘Hornsby Lions ready to roar against Macquarie University’
July 30th Hornsby Advocate Photos ‘Rugby: Hornsby Lions thrash Macquarie University’
July 4th Hornsby Advocate Online ‘Hornsby Lions roar again’
July 2nd Hornsby Advocate Photos ‘Rugby Union: Hornsby v Hills’
June 11th Hornsby Advocate Online ‘Fifty years of Hornsby rugby’
June 7th Hornsby Advocate Online ‘Welcome Matt splashes out with the Lions’
June 4th Hornsby Advocate Photos ‘Matt Dunning’s Hornsby Lions debut v Epping’
June 4th Hornsby Advocate Online ‘Lions and Magpies win in the wet’
June 1st Hornsby Advocate Online ‘Subbies debut has Matt Dunning nervous’
May 21st Hornsby Advocate Online ‘Fortress Asquith: Tigers, Magpies on top’
April 30th Hornsby Advocate Photos ‘Hornsby Lions v Waverley’
April 30th Hornsby Advocate Online ‘Knox win, Lions and Barker lose: Subbies wrap-up’
February 2nd Sydney Morning Herald Online The Fitz Files : ‘Team of the Week – Hornsby Rugby Celebrate their 50th year this season and would welcome any new players.’


November 5th Sydney Morning Herald Online The Fitz Files : ‘RIP Warren “Wazza” Southwell, 1977-2011. The hard-running back for HRC died in a tragic work accident’
November 3rd Hornsby Advocate Online ‘Tribute to Warren Southwell, a true friend and gentleman’
July 9th Sydney Morning Herald Online The Fitz Files : ‘Team of the Week – Glen Marks. The 52-year-old policeman played his 700th grade game for Hornsby Rugby Club’
June 27th Hornsby Advocate Online ‘Hornsby Lions aim for success in memorial match’
April 13th Hornsby Advocate Online ‘Hornsby meets ex-All Black’
April 7th Hornsby Advocate Article ‘Knox caught napping’
April 6th Hornsby Advocate Online ‘Local Subbies suffer losses’
April 5th Telegraph Article ‘Ex-All Black Sosene Anesi shapes up for park footy’
March 30th Hornsby Advocate Online ‘Rugby union season kicks off this weekend’


January 28th Hornsby Advocate Online ‘C’mon everyone, be a sport’
January 28th Hornsby Advocate Online ‘Heartland gears up for bumper year’


May 11th Penrith City Star Online ‘Blue Mountains rugby club makes history in big clash’
April 20th Hornsby Advocate Online ‘New laws key to success’
April 9th Hornsby Advocate Online ‘Knox’s strong start’


August 7th Hornsby Advocate Article ‘Spoon threat stirs Lions’
July 3rd Hornsby Advocate Article ‘Lions hope for rare win’
June 12th Hornsby Advocate Article ‘Lions roaring back to Hornsby’


July 26th Hornsby Advocate Article ‘Pink foot forward’
July 21st Hornsby Advocate Photo ‘Hornsby Rugby charity day for breast cancer’
July 19th Hornsby Advocate Article ‘Ladies watch brave charges’
June 7th Hornsby Advocate Article ‘Lions winners for Warner’
April 12th Hornsby Advocate Photo ‘Hornsby Lions v Lindfield’
February 20th Hornsby Advocate Photo ‘New Hornsby Rugby coaches, Tristan Jones and Marty Harris’


June 9th Hornsby Advocate Article ‘Hornsby takes the points in local derby’


January 29th Hornsby Advocate Photo ‘Ian Moyes is the new coach of Hornsby Rugby Club ‘


June 18th Manly Daily Photo ‘Minute of Silence for Andy Warner at Newport v Hornsby Rugby Union 1st Grade at Porter Reserve’


November 28th Sydney Morning Herald Online ‘HORNSBY’S $25,000 COURT LOSS’


November 27th Sydney Morning Herald Online ‘NSWRU STEPS INTO CLUB RUMPUS’
November 17th Sydney Morning Herald Online ‘STORM OVER RUGBY NO-PROMOTION DECISION’
October 22nd Sydney Morning Herald Online ‘HORNSBY WILL CONTINUE FIGHT TO GAIN PROMOTION ‘
September 18th Hornsby Advocate Paper ‘A successful touchdown!’
September 18th Hornsby Advocate Paper ‘The Pride of Lions’


February 12th Sydney Morning Herald Paper ‘Hornbsy RU Seminar’


September 16th, 1966 Sydney Morning Herald Paper ‘Weekend Rugby Finals’
September 18th, 1960 Sydney Morning Herald Paper ‘North side growth big Union problem’


March 24th, 1954 Sydney Morning Herald Paper ‘Early start to training’
June 18th, 1953 Sydney Morning Herald Paper ‘Move for R.U. changes’


November 16th, 1946 Sydney Morning Herald Paper ‘My 25 years with Ginger Meggs’
March 5th, 1946 Sydney Morning Herald Paper ‘Move to expand influence of R.U. Football’


July 14th, 1915 Cumberland Advocate Paper ‘Northern District Rugby Union’
July 7th, 1915 Cumberland Advocate Paper ‘Northern District Rugby Union’


July 7th, 1906 Cumberland Advocate Paper ‘Fancy Football’
April 28th, 1906 Cumberland Advocate Paper ‘Football’