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March 2011 : Hornsby Trial 1

The Lion's first 2011 trial was v Hawkesbury Valley Rugby club in Windsor on Saturday March 12th.

It was a beautiful day to sit under a tree and watch some great Rugby with a drink in hand. On the field though was another matter with the boys having to battle not only the opposition but extreme heat. Despite that it was a very successful day with everyone gaining fitness and some good lessons learnt.

The day started with a combination Colts\4th Grade match. It was great to see some of our new, young players like Lee 'The Captain' Gibb play alongside our most experienced players like Glen 'Marksy' Marks. We also welcomed back Tony 'Teflon' Hannay after a year off for injury. The Lions struggled against the abundance of young, quick Hawesbury players though Hawkesbury were made to work for every point. The second match was a combination of 3rd Grade\2nd Grade and there were some great performances including a beautiful try from our favourite frenchman Tibault.

The final match was a combination 2nd Grade\1st Grade and the Lions demonstrated some good rugby skills. Mitch 'Screech' McGrath left the Hawkesbury boys dizzy spinning out of one tackle and dancing around another to score a try under the posts. James 'Happy' Gilmour busted through the defence for a second try right on the half time wistle following a solid effort from the Lions forward pack. The Lions went on to win the game comfortably.

The boys wrapped up the day sharing a few drinks with Hawkesbury Valley at The Fitroy Hotel in Windsor. After a long and rowdy bus trip home the Lions wound down at The Hornsby Inn before each heading home for a well earnt rest.

February 2011 : Hornsby Rugby Memorial T20 Cricket Match

Bookies had us firm favourites during the week with the breaking news TJ was dropped for pinch hitter Sludge and Tenno was going to be replaced by the same man that took him through re-hab after last year's knee debacle.

But premature celebration soon turned to disaster when the skipper had 'Rodham' and showed up after the toss due to some late night tactical talk with Worty and Tenno. Stand in skipper Snorts lost the toss and we had to hit the field in 35 degree heat and warm beers.

Martzas wise decision to jump ship paid early dividends as he sank beers in the shade of the shed while sledging our feeble attempt to bowl out the in form 'Boon brothers' (Fisho and Tod Wills) What made their efforts even more impressive was how consistently they managed to pierce more than 20 rather large strategically placed un-athletic men.

But like many that followed, the Hudson 11 soon realized that trying to go through crickets leg side fielding equivalent of the Great wall of china was not possible and thanks to team Warners 'bakery' style of bowling (ie nothing but pies) they took the easier option of going over us. As the afternoon progressed and beers went down a lot faster than wickets - the fielding cracks started opening up like a Brisbane flood wall. A big score was on the cards.

It was time to unleash the beast. Mike Ho shons enthusiasm for the red cherry was only matched by his inability to be able to use it and after he turned his first ball sharply off the side of the artificial pitch it was clear the skipper was going to have to turn his attention else where. Surprisingly it was Gosso who showed a grip and rip action last seen in his teenage showering years as his offies got more purchase than the Australian dollar and (also not unlike his teenage years) provided very few scoring opportunities.

But alas - a tactical move to bring Maggot into the attack soon re-opened the run flood gates! Newt surprised us all when he volunteered to roll his arm (rather than a ciggie at mid-off) and did a reasonable job but it was the big man Jacko that showed most promise with the ball. Mixed with his colourful array of sledging (ie 'if you hit this im going to hit you') he was easily the most economical.

Enter 'the Sheik of Geek' Dale who didn't disappoint and his clever use of the 4 minutes between each ball telling us what he was going to do with the next delivery bought us plenty of time to re-group.

The only controversial decision of the day came with Ash Sutton caught behind of the bowling of Jew Jew. Given not out by umpire Rossco who was unsure of the edge, he turned to his square leg deputy in Deafy who claimed he didn't hear anything' and Sutton survived to be their 8th retiree at 20.

A special mention must go to Andy Fullegars superb pull shot in the last over of their innings. Standing behind the stumps as Keeper I made comment on connection that it looked to be heading 'straight into some poor bastards car windshield'... I will let you know the cost when is gets out of the repairers today.

Chasing about 180 to win we certainly had the batsmen to do it... about 22 of them to be precise. Gossos opening partnership lasted 1 run, and with me and 'yeh yeh' Moyse being dismissed before the end of the 2nd over things didn't look good. Dale and Brownies re-building got us back in the game until Brownie needed 1 more before retiring decided he would go for a 6 and leave with a bang. Sucking up 5 more DOT balls before spooning a catch to mid off saw the departure of Brownie to a barrage of amusing sledging from both teams. Some solid scores from our middle order (none of which got into double figures) team Warner was realing at 17 for 64.

But with Snorts yet to bat and Sludge taking to the crease all was not lost. Some fine batting from these guys saw us put on our best partnership of the day (of 7) before Snorts played a text book pull shot to Fisho. At first it looked to fall safe until Cookie wisely yelled out that is was BIG MAC, in which Fisho covered the extra couple of yards to all but swallow it. 19 for 74 and Dale was allowed to come back out from retiring. After 2 shots over the boundary for a couple of superb 41's we were back in the game. With Loomesy doing the scoring and needing only 29 off the last ball we weren't without a chance.

The most important shot of the day - 1 ball - 29 runs. It was anyones game...

Point was covered by 19 spectators who had discovered the esky backward of square so runs here looked unlikely. Al Ross was riding high at mid wicket after his only ever dismissal in cricket (no we didn't forget Jew Jew) so a quick 28 there, while not impossible, also looked ominous. Murray 'The Door' Keir had done absolutely nothing all day and was due to get into the game so deep fine leg was out and Martza was still doing his stretches next to the esky at mid-on and was easily going to pounce on anything in that area.....a quick tuck around the corner saw a scoring opportunity but unfortunately we came up just one run short in yet another close one!

For the 3rd year in a row Pooheys men totally outclassed the Warner boys to take the title. An excellent turn up guys with guys from yesteryear and today showing up in a great day. Thanks to all those that made the effort and for those that played for both sides I am sure there is some aching bodies. I have a range of photos that we will put on the website shortly and look forward to seeing you all there next year.

Report Author: Adam 'Groupie' Perring

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