Hornsby Rugby Club

There is some evidence that Rugby was played in Hornsby as early as 1906. There exists a photograph of a Hornsby "Football" team taken in that year. The photograph includes an obviously Rugby shaped ball as well as Jimmy Bancks, the creator of the Ginger Meggs comic strip. There are also photographs of Hornsby Rugby teams taken during the 1940s and 50s.

The club was officially re-established in 1962 playing in the Second Division of the Sydney Grade Competition and has played continuously since then.

Strong associations with the local community and schools as well as the continued development of our Junior club will stand us in good stead during our fiftieth year celebrations in 2012 and onwards.

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Club Song

Chorus Singing Hornsby Oh Hornsby forever,
For we are the brave and the bold,
Like true mates we all stick together,
Sing praise to the RED, BLACK and GOLD.
Verse 1 We play with a lot of aggression,
And victory is always assured,
With forwards to win us possession,
And backs to put POINTS ON THE BOARD.
Verse 2 Supporters roll up to the game,
Listen closely we'll give you a tip,
Winning just one game isn't our aim,
Verse 3 The season is long and demanding,
But we Hornsby boys are fit,
The level of play is outstanding,
We'll show 'em we've ALL GOT TRUE GRIT.
Verse 4 So coaches, players and supporters,
March up to the club double time,
As drinkers we'll all prove we're stayers,