Congrats Alyce,Michelle & Ladies of Hornsby

For hosting and enjoying a successful Ladies day.
Fund raising and festivities were enjoyed by all
The players and committee thank you for your support

On Thursday 24th July at 7pm, all players and supporters are asked to attend an extra ordinary meeting at the Hornsby Inn.

This meeting will replace training as there is no game that weekend.

Saturday July 26, 2014
Wet weather Week = No rugby

2013 highlights (courtesy of PETER WHITE)

New challenges ahead in 2014

This season no club can get promoted from Division 3 and from 2015 no club can provide financial assistance to players. These decisions have specific implications for our club and therefore the following decisions have been made starting in 2014. The club to ensure its financial longevity will no longer pay its 1st Grade players.

This decision along with the continued search for sponsorship will ensure that the club is in a strong financial position going into 2015. It is hoped that our current 1st grade players will be understanding of these decisions which were unanimously decided by the current committee at a recent meeting.

2014 Subbies Rugby TV!

Check our how your Lions went on the weekly show.
From div 1-6, Subbies TV has it covered 'click here'.